Worship & Lifecycle


Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, in his book “Putting God on the Guest List” wrote: “Bar and bat mitzvah is a sacred mountain in Jewish time. We climb this particular mountain because it brings us closer to God, closer to Judaism, closer to our people, closer to ourselves. And what modern Jews need more than ever, is a way to really be there at the summit of this holy mountain… Bar and bat mitzvah is among the most popular of American Jewish rituals….It is a glorious moment in the life of the family, the synagogue and the Jewish people.”

Here at Congregation Beth Israel, we strive to ensure that each child and each family will experience the positive power of this ritual by helping prepare each child for success, and helping accommodate each family for this very special milestone.

Click here for Bar/Bat Mitzvah materials, including information forms, prayer sound files, a sample parent booklet, and more.