Ner Tamid Exhibit

“…as my ancestors planted for me, so do I plant for those who will come after me.” Talmud Ta’anit 23a

The Ner Tamid Society Exhibit is a place of history, legacy, and meaning with newly published members’ legacy videos and additions to our history archive. We have new resources and are diligently pursuing our goal of a $30,000,000 endowment fund. Achieving this goal is critical for a congregation of our size and historical longevity. Hurricane Harvey was an additional reminder of the importance and urgency of a strong endowment fund.

The Ner Tamid Society Exhibit is located in the southern room of The Margolis Gallery.

Our History

Congregation Beth Israel

First Jewish Congregation in Texas – Established 1854

In the Beginning…

In the early 1800’s, Jewish settlers came to this rough-hewn land along the Gulf Coast, some with Stephen F. Austin and others on their own, to seek a better life. Despite the often-inhospitable weather, living conditions, and swarms of mosquitoes, these pioneers found great promise in this verdant, bayou laden land. In 1844, these early settlers decided to put down roots and established the first Jewish cemetery in Texas, drawn together by their common need for a sanctified burial ground. Although small in numbers, these Jewish pioneers united in the mitzvah to provide a fitting final resting place for their loved ones. To learn the whole story, read the chapters below, and when you are at Beth Israel, make time to stroll the hallways for a pictorial review of the people and events that shaped the future of the congregation.

Beth Israel History Walls

You can follow the remarkable chapters of Congregation Beth Israel’s history as they unfold on our own History Walls in the Karff and Schachtel Hallways that lead to the Sanctuary. From its pioneer beginnings more than 150 years ago through today, follow our fascinating timeline to see what was happening here at home and across the world. You’ll see pictures and learn the history behind each of our four congregational homes, along with pictures of our earliest founding members and a century of Confirmation pictures, to artifacts from a 1908 cookbook to a mezuzah that flew to the moon! Young and old, you’ll discover something new and fun about
Beth Israel, Houston, and the way we lived every time you visit.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Hebrew Congregation of the City of Houston  1844 – 1908 Ten years later establishing the cemetery, in 1854, 22 members gathered

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Congregation Beth IsraelA new century, a new home. . . Second Temple 1908-1925 At the turn of the new Century, Rabbi

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Congregation Beth Israel Change and Growth… from the Roaring Twenties to Civil RightsThird Temple 1925-1967 The period following World War I

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Fourth Temple 1967- present The great migration that began in the 1950’s as people moved from the center of the city

A new Century

A new Century. . . keeping the Covenant Our story continues to unfold. . .Congregation Beth Israel As the 21st Century began to