Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center

At The Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center, Every Child Makes Aliyah

Any child of a member of Congregation Beth Israel who works to the best of his/her ability, whether his/her challenges are physical, emotional, behavioral, or intellectual, has the right to a meaningful Jewish educational experience. Also, any child of a member who works to the best of his/her ability has the right and the ability to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in his/her Least Restrictive Environment at Congregation Beth Israel.

Here at Congregation Beth Israel we open our doors and seek opportunities to engage ALL families and children. Ultimately, we advocate for INCLUSION for ALL of our Temple families. This can be difficult and challenging because it asks us to stretch ourselves – our compassion, our innovation, and our ideas.

We are offering our hand in trust to you and to all members of our Temple families as we begin this most important journey……


Least Restrictive Environments at the MBJLC

We will be pulling out some or all of the Aliyah children during Hebrew instruction to reinforce the Judaica lesson for that week or to work on an appropriate hands-on Hebrew lesson.  Pull-outs will be done strictly on an as-needed basis.

Pat Mintz, Brenda Namer, Laura Hall, and the assigned Madrichim will be with the children during the pullout.

We will supplement weekly lessons with dynamic learning content and will provide worksheets to reinforce lessons. We also intend to utilize your child’s own technology, loading appropriate programs to supplement what is already familiar and working.

Large schoolwide celebrations such as the Chanukah and Passover programs will be scaled down and held in smaller areas for our Aliyah children and parents.

We look forward to your comments and involvement in our Aliyah program!

WE always start with YES

YES, your child can learn here.

YES, your child can become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

As the prophet Jeremiah teaches: “I will bring them from the northern land and gather them from the ends of the earth—the blind and the lame among them, those with child and those in labor—in a vast throng they shall return here. They shall come weeping, and with compassion I will guide them. I will lead them to streams of water, by a level road where they will not stumble.”

Aliyah is underwritten and made possible by a generous grant from the Jeremy Tucker Fund for Jewish Special Education, which was established by Margaret and Jeffrey Tucker in loving memory of their son, Jeremy Tucker.