Lifelong Learning

The Shlenker School of Congregation Beth Israel is proud to offer children, 15 months through fifth grade, a ten-year program whose graduates are lifelong learners who think critically, lead with confidence, and embrace Jewish values. The Shlenker School partners with families to provide students with an exceptional academic education, an integrated secular and Jewish curriculum, and a nurturing environment that helps shape their formative years and guide their future.

The goal of the school is to ignite a “spark”—a love of learning and a passion for Jewish values and tradition—in every child. By igniting the spark during a student’s formative years, that spark develops into an eternal flame—a ner tamid—that guides children for a lifetime. That flame shines brightly and will light them on their way into adulthood and toward a brilliant future, where they will pass on the values and traditions they learn at The Shlenker School from generation to generation (l’dor v’dor). 

Dr. Michelle Barton
Head of School
5600 N Braeswood Blvd
Houston, TX 77096