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High Holy Days Past Sermons

The clergy at Congregation Beth Israel will occasionally print and publish their sermons online. The most recent clergy sermons and articles appear below.

Rabbi David. A Lyon Sermons
“An Inaugural Reflection”

High Holy Day Sermons 2021/5782

Rabbi David Lyon

Erev Rosh Hashanah, 5782/2021, “My Extra Life

Rosh Hashanah (Day), 5782/2021, “We are Israel”

High Holy Day Sermons 2020/5781

Rabbi David Lyon

Kol Nidrei, 5781/2020, “Your Pure Soul”

Yizkor, 5781/2020 “Remembering Rabbi Samuel Karff with Our Own”

Rosh Hashanah (Day), 5781/2020, “Tekia Gedolah: The Future Calls Us”

Rosh Hashanah (Erev), 5781/2020, “Siver Linings in Troubled Times”

High Holy Day Sermons 2019/5780

Rabbi David Lyon

Kol Nidrei, 5780/2019, “Seeking Inner Liberty: Inquire Within”

Rosh Hashanah (Day), 5780/2019, “Israel in Interesting Times”

Rosh Hashanah (Erev), 5780/2019, “Judaism: Our Reliable Faith”

Rabbi Adrienne Scott

Yom Kippur, 5780/2019, “Prayer: Its Power and Possibilities”

Parshat Noah 5780/2019, “Escaping to the Vineyard