Our Beth Israel Staff 

Front Desk: 713-771-6221

Executive Staff
Pamela E. Kutner, Executive Director, x612
David M. Scott, Director of Lifelong Learning and Engagement, x605
Dr. Michelle Barton, Head of The Shlenker School, x646
Joan Gelfond, Campus Director of Technology, x621
Kathy Parven, Cemetery Director, x310

Theresa Havelka
, Donations and Front Office Manager, 613-771-6221
Kathy McMahon, Executive Assistant to Clergy, x360
Michael Kirstein, B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator & Administrative Assistant to Cantor Star Trompeter, x311

Marsha Gilbert, Special Events & Catering Manager, x336
Delia Diaz, Kitchen Staff, x686
Flor Delgado, Kitchen Staff, x686

Wendy Airlie,
Controller, 281-220-8606
Marcela Rivera, Accounts Receivable Specialist, x306
Maytal Josef, Accounting Assistant/Accounts Receivable, x309
Nancy Kubecka, Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator, X308

Gift Shop
Anita Seline, Sisterhood Gift Shop Manager, x315

Kehillah High
Danielle Alexander, Director of Kehillah High, x334

Judy Weidman, Librarian of the Hyman Judah Schachtel Library and Archives, x370

Michael Reddick, Facility Manager, x319

Jacob Nerie
, Maintenance Staff, x337
Liam Reddick, Maintenance Staff, x337
Mohamed Bah, Maintenance Staff, x337
David Hope, Maintenance Staff

Laura Kaplan, Marketing and Communications Manager, X630

Jennifer Quick, MBJLC Assistant Principal, x307
Stephanie Robertson, Administrative Assistant for the Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center x313

Liza Hirsch, Membership and Executive Office Manager, x301

Mark Vogel, Music Director

Michael Collins,
Security Team
Brittany Thaler
, Security Team
Ed Valentine, Security Team

Technology and Production Services
Efrain Mendoza, Campus IT Specialist, x636
Danny Morgan, Streaming Team
Leon Moody, Streaming Team
Stephen Curtis Perry, Streaming Team
Jerry Rios, Streaming Team

The Shlenker School
Toby Robbins, Shlenker Administration, x300
Tara Levinthal Gassett, Director of Admissions, 713-270-6127
Marilyn Arlen, 633, Librarian

Youth Activities 
Kerri Zerlin, Youth Coordinator, x329