Endowment | Ner Tamid Society Planned Giving

Endowment | Ner Tamid Society Planned Giving 1

Congregation Beth Israel has been an integral part of the lives of its congregants for more than 170 years. Just as the eternal light, Ner Tamid, is a sign of God’s eternal presence in our lives, Congregation Beth Israel symbolizes faith, spirit, caring, and belonging. Congregation Beth Israel’s legacy to our families and community is to perpetuate Jewish identity and values. The Ner Tamid Society is a tribute to those individuals who have committed to preserving the values and traditions for future generations.

The goal of the Ner Tamid Society is to support the future of Congregation Beth Israel by ensuring that the necessary funds are available for the Temple to remain relevant, modern, and joyful in the lives of its congregants.