Endowment | Ner Tamid Society Planned Giving

Endowment | Ner Tamid Society Planned Giving 1

Congregation Beth Israel’s legacy to our community is to perpetuate Jewish identity for the generations to come. Education, programming, life cycle events, maintaining our beautiful facilities, upkeep of our cemeteries, and employing outstanding clergy are all essential to this continued legacy.

Congregation Beth Israel has established the Ner Tamid Society which is a group of dedicated Beth Israelites who make legacy gifts of a $1,800 or more to ensure the future of the Temple. Just as the Ner Tamid is eternal, gifts to the Ner Tamid Society will be placed in the Beth Israel Endowment Fund for perpetuity, thus ensuring that Congregation Beth Israel will endure for many generations. By planning a gift today to Congregation Beth Israel, you will ensure a vibrant, dedicated and committed tomorrow for Houston’s Reform Jewish community!

Endowment Committee Board Members
Joseph Chesnick, JR., Chair
Ken Chapman
Ricky Haikin
Bobby Lapin
Barry Lewis
Craig Lieberman
Rodney Margolis
David Neuberger
Phyllis Selber
Betty Tapick

Cyvia Wolff 

For more information regarding the Endowment Fund, please contact:
Pam Kutner, Executive Director
713-771-6221 x612