Welcome LGTBQ+

Congregation Beth Israel celebrates diversity and equality and prides itself with being inclusive and accepting. Our Congregation supports, embraces, and welcomes the LGBTQIA+ Jewish communities of Houston by offering a safe space for religious fulfillment, learning, and engagment.

The Beth Israel Inclusion Committee was established to ensure that members of ALL communities are represented and welcomed in our Synagogue. Led by Rabbi Adrienne Scott and an active committee made up of a diverse group of Beth Israel members from a wide scope of communities and backgrounds, our committee’s mission is simple – to provide representation and resources for the marginalized, disabled, and minority Jewish population of the greater Houston area. Our goal is to serve and stand as a reminder that despite our many differences, we are bound together by faith and tradition.

If this is your first time visiting our Synagogue, or if you or a family member are looking for spiritual counseling, our committee Ambassadors are here to provide support and guide you on your journey.

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