Center For Healing, Hope, and the Human Spirit at Beth Israel

Living with Chronic Illness

Virtual Meetings:  7:00 P.M. on October 12,19,26 and November 2,9

Do you have a condition that won’t ever go away? Have you had difficulty adjusting to unwanted life changes? Is it hard for you to be disabled or dependent on others?  Does your disease interfere with observance of Jewish rituals or participation in services?  Join us for a 5-week group that offers support, practical advice and ways to find meaning and spirituality in a difficult stage of life.

In our group led by Drs. Tom Cole and Sharon Romm we will talk about:

Finding people who understand and can listen to what you’re going through

Accepting loss while learning to make the most out of what you’ve got

Coping with difficult feelings

Learning that healing is possible when cure is not

Finding meaning in Jewish texts, poem, and liturgies

Manage your condition instead of letting it rule you!

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