Congregation Beth Israel
Archival Materials

“Bris Book” and documents concerning the “Basic Principles” history of Beth Israel: Now viewable online are images of documents of two significant historical events in the history of Beth Israel. The “Bris Book” is the handwritten bound volume chronicling the circumcisions performed by Rabbi Emmich, the first spiritual leader of Beth Israel, dating from the mid 19th century. In German, Hebrew and English this book, currently on display in a case in the history corridor of the current temple, can be viewed online in its entirety.

 “Basic Principles” documents: Over 500 pages of letters, minutes, clippings and commentary is contained in this collection, describing this significant chapter of Beth Israel’s history. The issue of whether to support Israel, from the early 1940’s, was a divisive and impassioned issue for the congregation.

  The Bris Book Circa 1860’s

The Basic Principles

Basic Principles Two

Documents from the earliest years of Beth Israel- from 1861- early 1920’s. Now held at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center at the Houston Public Library, these valuable documents have not been available to view at our temple since the collection was released in the early 1980’s. We now have the ability to view online these papers, ledgers, minutes, birth, death and marriage records and other papers by the digitization process.

To open the following files Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click here to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

                                Roll 1 — 1378433              Roll 2 — 1378434             Roll 3 — 1378435

                                Pages 0001-0100              Pages 0001-0100             Pages 0001-0100

                                Pages 0101-0200              Pages 0101-0200             Pages 0101-0200

                                Pages 0201-0300              Pages 0201-0300             Pages 0201-0300

                                Pages 0301-0400              Pages 0301-0400             Pages 0301-0400

                                Pages 0401-0500              Pages 0401-0500             Pages 0401-0500

                                Pages 0501-0600              Pages 0501-0516             Pages 0501-0600

                                Pages 0601-0700                                                    Pages 0601-0700

                                Pages 0701-0768                                                    Pages 0701-0749

                                                           Roll 4 — 1378436             Roll 5 - 1378437

                                                           Pages 0001-0100             Pages 0001-0100

                                                           Pages 0101-0200             Pages 0101-0103

                                                           Pages 0201-0300

                                                           Pages 0301-0400

                                                           Pages 0401-0500

                                                           Pages 0501-0600

                                                           Pages 0601-0700

                                                           Pages 0701-0762


The digitization of the materials was made possible by a generous grant to the Schachtel Library from the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life, whose mission is to document and preserve the rich history of the Southern Jewish Experience.



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