Reform Jewish Synagogue in Bellaire

Congregation Beth Israel is a Bellaire reform Jewish Synagogue that places emphasis on education and learning experiences. As the oldest Jewish congregation in Texas, our reform Jewish Synagogue in Bellaire values both tradition and growth.

Our clergy intends to develop extensive educational experiences that allow our members and non-members to grow in their faith, or simply learn more about Judaism altogether.

About our Bellaire Reform Jewish Outreach 

It’s pertinent to engage men, women, and families who are not already immersed in the Jewish faith. Congregation Beth Israel hopes to educate people about our religion and what our core values and principles are based in.

We offer reform Jewish outreach in Bellaire to anyone who wants to learn more about Judaism. This includes a wide demographic, including those who:

Are considering converting to the Jewish faith

Are a part of an interfaith marriage

Do not adhere to any religion and are interested in Judaism

Are raising Jewish children

And more

Our Bellaire Reform Jewish adult education opportunities include classes that are taught both by our dedicated clergy and outside experts. These classes and programs range from the basics of Judaism, a history of the faith and anti-Semitism, information on conversion, and more.

View Our Bellaire Reform Jewish Synagogue as a Resource

At Congregation Beth Israel, we offer a rich trove of resources for both our members and the community. Our Reform Jewish Synagogue in Bellaire provides an array of worship services, educational experiences and important resources for life cycle events (i.e. marriage, funeral planning and more). All of our worship services are available for free via our live streaming feed.

Embrace a Lifetime of Learning with Our Reform Jewish Adult Education in Bellaire

Practicing Jews have a responsibility to embark on a lifetime of learning in order to perpetually grow in their faith. We offer this great opportunity at our Bellaire reform Jewish Synagogue. Please visit us or contact our clergy if you have any questions.