Jewish Learning Center in Meyerland

Congregation Beth Israel has a Meyerland Jewish learning center that will challenge and nurture you in your faith. As is taught in Judaism, the process of learning is a journey. Men and women should never relent in their pursuit of new knowledge, insights and lessons, which is why we provide extensive educational programs and learning opportunities for both members and non-members alike.

A Jewish Learning Center in Meyerland Available for All Ages

Based here in Houston, Congregation Beth Israel offers a wide range of resources — from worship services that come in a variety of formats, many of which can be accessed online via our live stream feed to educational opportunities.

We provide Jewish educational programs in Meyerland that cater to:

Children: The Shlenker School is an accredited institution that is designed for children anywhere form Pre-K to fifth grade. This allows children to spend some of their formative years with a nurturing, Jewish-based education.

Teens: These Meyerland Jewish educational programs extend to high school age, where Congregation Beth Israel is also home to Kehillah High, a school for high school-aged children.

Adults: As stated before, learning is never a destination — it’s a constant journey. Our Meyerland Jewish learning center offers a variety of educational experiences, from adult Hebrew to basic Judaism. These adult educational opportunities are a great chance to instill the Jewish history, values and law.

At our Jewish learning center in Meyerland, we are also home to one of the region’s most extensive Jewish libraries and we often bring in outside speakers and experts to provide additional programming. We take pride in challenging and educating everyone who comes to us for knowledge.

Visit our Meyerland Jewish learning center and consult with a member of our clergy to learn more about the vast benefits that come with joining Congregation Beth Israel.