Jewish Family Musical Shabbat Near The Heights Houston

Religious education and celebration can be valuable and engaging for the youth thanks to Congregation Beth Israel and the Heights Jewish family musical Shabbat.

Congregation Beth Israel Jewish Family Shabbat Musical Benefits

Shabbat is a worship services that caters to the whole family. Here, you can socialize and make memories as a small child, or even as a grown adult. Held on every second Friday of the month, our Jewish family musical Shabbat near The Heights Houston provides a full evening of religious-oriented programming, including:

Jewish Family Dinner: A dinner that is comprised of both healthy and religiously compliant foods. We ask that our guests make reservations to attend this Heights Jewish family Tot Shabbat in order for the appropriate accommodations to be available for dinner.

Songs of praise: Our Jewish family Tot Shabbat near The Heights Houston incorporates some of the most traditional music of the religion, but also creates a fun experience so that the young worshippers among us can engage and interact.

A story and Shabbat blessing: You’re never too young to learn the values and morals of Judaism. With our Jewish family musical Shabbat near the Heights, we are able to expose children to valuable lessons of the faith in addition to providing a blessing.

Our Jewish family musical Shabbat near The Heights Houston is a valuable way to spend quality time with family, socialize with fellow members of the congregation and nurture your faith. Additionally, Congregation Beth Israel live streams most of our worship services so they are available to followers on a global scale.

Experience Congregation Beth Israel ‘s Many Worship Options

Aside from our The Heights Jewish family musical Shabbat, Congregation Beth Israel offers a wide range of other worship options — from traditional Shabbat on Friday nights to Morning Minyan and a Torah study. We welcome you join us in these great worship experiences.