Jewish Committee Brotherhood in Houston TX

Congregation Beth Israel is known as the oldest Jewish congregation in all of the state of Texas. We built a Houston Jewish Brotherhood and Sisterhood that encompasses tradition in the local community.

Jewish Committee Brotherhood and Sisterhood Opportunities

We provide the members of our Jewish committee brotherhood in Houston with a wide range of programs, worship opportunities, and educational outlets to help nurture them in their faith. Below is information about these rich resources:

Education: A lifetime of learning is essential for all men and women of the Jewish faith. Aside from our Houston Jewish brotherhood congregation services, we offer a variety of educational opportunities. Enrollment in the Shlenker School (for children Pre-K to fifth grade) and adult learning programs are examples of the education we provide at our congregation.

Worship services: Our Jewish brotherhood congregation services in Houston are designed to fit all preferences and needs. We offer traditional Friday night Shabbat services, informal services at the Shabbat chapel all the way to our Tot Shabbat for the whole family. These Houston Jewish sisterhood congregation services are designed for men and women of all walks of life. Our services are also available via live stream online.

Life cycle event resources: The Houston Jewish committee sisterhood and brotherhood are here to provide support during funerals, weddings, divorce, consecrations, Bar Mitzvah, and Bat Mitzvah.

Both of our Houston Jewish committee brotherhood and sisterhood are accessible to men and women of all walks of life. Our congregation services are open to members of the LGBT community. How can we afford to cater to so many individuals, you may ask? We practice a fair share dues model, which allows congregates to only pay what they can.

How Can Our Jewish Committee Brotherhood in Houston Help You?

Anyone that adheres to the values and principles of the Jewish faith should have an opportunity to become a valued, official member of a recognized congregation and synagogue.

Our Jewish committee sisterhood in Houston welcomes Jewish and non-Jewish family members alike to engage in activities and programs that enrich themselves and the local community — a foundational teaching of the Torah.

We invite you to explore our Houston Jewish committee brotherhood and its many opportunities.