Jewish Brotherhood Congregation in the Galleria

Joining the Galleria Jewish brotherhood congregation at Congregation Beth Israel means not only supporting the fellow members of the synagogue, but also supporting the Jewish community as a whole.

Congregation Beth Israel has an organized, robust Jewish brotherhood congregation in the Galleria. In general terms, they are tasked with the performance of Mitzvoth to support both our own congregation and the community. This comes in a variety of forms — from serving as ushers at our many worship services to sponsoring a number of worthy organizations in the community.

Our Galleria Jewish brotherhood worship services are available in a variety of formats — including traditional Friday Shabbat.

Shine the Light of Judaism Within the Community 

Serving as an ambassador: Belonging to our Galleria Jewish brotherhood congregation essentially means serving as an ambassador for the Jewish faith. That’s why we are diligent in providing valuable services and good deeds for the community as a whole.

Positive light in the community: For some out in the community, our Jewish brotherhood congregation in the Galleria is the only exposure they might get to our congregation or the Jewish faith as a whole. We have leadership in place that assures the impression that our organization leaves on the community is a positive one.

Learn How to Get Involved in Jewish Brotherhood Worship Services in the Galleria

We welcome you to further explore the enriching benefits of joining the brotherhood or our synagogue all together. Congregation Beth Israel has a strong tradition in the Jewish community and provides a variety of resources for our members and non-members alike.

Contact someone at Congregation Beth Israel to receive more information on our Galleria Jewish Brotherhood Congregation.