Inclusive Spiritual Shalom in Montrose

Congregation Beth Israel values diversity, and we invite all to experience our Montrose inclusive spiritual shalom.

Too often, men and women feel alienated within their religious communities and are discouraged from becoming an active participant. We offer inclusive spiritual shalom in Montrose that is accessible for men and women of:

Varying phases in their lives: From newly married couples, empty nesters, millennials, individuals of a different religious upbringing and more —all have the option to experience the nurturing lessons and education provided at a Montrose inclusive Sunday Jewish go-to Shabbat.

All walks of life: Our inclusive Sunday Jewish go-to Shabbat in Montrose is open to all folks, including members of the LGBT community, men and women considering a conversion and more. Everyone that identifies with the moral values and tenets of the Jewish faith should have the opportunity to be considered an official member of a synagogue.

At Congregation Beth Israel, we provide ample opportunities for both worship and education, which are cornerstones of the faith. From our traditional Friday Shabbat to our Tot and all-musical Shabbats, we have something for every preference with our Montrose inclusive spiritual Shalom. We also provide access to these services via our free live streaming capabilities online.

In addition to our adult education, our congregation is home to The Shlenker School, a Jewish school for children Pre-K to fifth grade, which features a nationally accredited curriculum that is rooted in the values and principles of Judaism.

Find Inclusive Spiritual Shalom in Montrose at CongregationBeth Israel

Congregation Beth Israel strives to serve as a nourishing resource for the men and women of our congregation. We offer Montrose inclusive spiritual shalom for men and women of all backgrounds and reflect the core tenets of the Jewish faith. We encourage you to visit with us and reach out to a member of our clergy if you have any questions or concerns.