Rabbi Lyon’s Blog – 05_29_2015

Rabbi Lyon’s Blog – 05_29_2015

From the desk of Rabbi David Lyon

Many of us are thankful that Monday night’s relentless storms weren’t any worse, but too many of us are still overwhelmed by the aftermath. The clergy and staff are safe, and ready to help you. First and foremost, we want to be sure that you and your family are safe and dry. Let us know if you need:

  • Clothing for yourself or children
  •  Meals during the day
  •  A strong shoulder or listening ear
  • Help for a friend or neighbor

Second, Beth Israel’s facility took on some water in the sanctuary and sub-basement. The water is currently being removed and the carpet is drying. Some repairs will have to be made, but our sacred space will be restored. Patrick Colbert is leading the team to enable us to enjoy programs and services in coming days. Michael Jenkins, Bruce Levy, Michael Coplon and Rob Shoss were on hand, today, to facilitate the process. Professionals are working through the night. Security is present.

Finally, Beth Israel will be dry and ready very soon. Next week, we’ll be opening our social hall one evening for a neighborhood community dinner, free of charge, to all families and friends in the area who need a warm meal, friendly company, and a word from Houston leadership. Please look for our announcement and let your neighbors know they’re welcome.

Houstonians are familiar with tropical rains and hurricane-force winds, but the experience isn’t the measure of resilience; it’s the way we respond after the storm. Only by welcoming help and being there for each other can we put back together what nature tears apart. Call Beth Israel at 713-771-6221 or email your clergy even if it’s just to say, “Thanks, it’s good to know you’re there. We’re going to be okay.”

Wishing you good days and restful nights,

Rabbi David Lyon

Cantor Daniel Mutlu

Rabbi Adrienne Scott

Rabbi Joshua Herman