Rabbi Lyon’s Blog – 01_23_2015

Rabbi Lyon’s Blog – 01_23_2015

From the desk of Rabbi David Lyon

Rabbi Aaron Panken, PhD, President of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, our Reform seminary, will be our guest this weekend. Rabbi Panken is the leading voice of the Reform movement who can articulate our movement’s mission for North American and world Jewry. Speaking at services on Friday night, leading Torah study on Shabbat morning, and addressing us Saturday evening, Rabbi Panken will have three excellent settings to share his lessons and perspectives

Events in the world that cause us particular concern as modern Jews are of utmost importance to Rabbi Panken. As President of the leading non-orthodox seminary in the world, he must lead HUC-JIR to address world events and to prepare its students to lead in an ever-changing and currently fanatical world. Jews are not of one mind about Middle East issues, which means that seminary students are also not of one mind. Their passions are strong just like yours. HUC-JIR aims to harness their passion without dampening it. The goal is to provide them ways to grow as Jews with insights from our tradition, which, when properly understood, can speak to our times. The formula for such execution of goals and visions is not a small task; however, Rabbi Panken has a unique set of gifts and skills, which makes him especially prepared to lead HUC-JIR well into the future.

Clarity and wisdom without fantasy or false hopes help us feel anchored in a tradition that enriches us while we explore new ways to resolve today’s problems. Torah and its teachings have sustained us even when we suffered in the past. They sustain us now when we see the world and its Jews struggle around the world. Rabbi Panken will demonstrate how to make the greatest use of what we have to help us accomplish what we know can still be true. We are an engaged and modern congregation with a variety of concerns for the future and passion to resolve them. Rabbi Panken’s goal is to reach us with his leadership and profound messages on Reform Judaism today.

Please join us this weekend. We will not have this particular opportunity again for some time. Our world is changing at a rapid pace. It’s vital that we are all as informed as we can be in order to live in world that resembles our dreams for us and our children. Please check your calendar for the following dates and times this weekend, January 23-24, 2015.

Friday night 6:30 in the sanctuary

Saturday morning Torah study 9:45-11:00am in the Finger Board Room

Saturday night 7:00pm in the Margolis Gallery.

HUC-JIR is our training ground. Our congregations are our proving grounds. Here we make a difference. Come learn from Rabbi Panken and enrich your contributions to Jewish life here and everywhere. Rabbi Panken will inspire, teach, and prepare us all for the Jewish future we want to share.

You may contact Rabbi David Lyon here.