The Inclusion Committee meets regularly to discuss ways in which the congregation can be more inclusive to all members including those with physical challenges, special needs, racially diverse, Jews by Choice, LGBTQ+ members, interfaith families, gender fluidity, and other areas of inclusiveness. The committee serves as a platform to advocate and educate by bringing awareness to our congregation’s radically welcoming community. It also works closely with our Center of Healing, Hope, and the Human Spirit to help members in various transitional stages in their lives including bereavement support, empty nesters, divorce support, sacred aging, and other areas. We provide large print prayer books, audio enhancing equipment, and other services to assist those in need during worship. The committee also serves as a support to our Aliyah families who are enrolled in the Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center to ensure every child has a meaningful experience as they prepare to become B’nei Mitzvah. The committee has also worked in the past on enhancing our worship spaces to be more accommodating to those with physical and sensory challenges.  The committee will continue to implement strategies to be more inclusive in all of our programming and services throughout the campus.

The Caring Committee oversees all of the subcommittees dedicated to meeting the emotional and special needs of its congregants, especially in relation to illness, bereavement, personal relationships, and major life changes. Please contact Rabbi Adrienne Scott or Dr. Tom Cole for more information.