Membership & Community

The Caring Committee oversees all of the subcommittees dedicated to meeting the emotional and special needs of our congregants, especially in relation to illness, bereavement, personal relationships and major life changes. Check out each of these wonderful caring committees and see which one fits your needs or could benefit from your volunteer contributions.

For more information on any of the following committees or programs, contact Caring Committee chairs: Hope Lipnick, (713) 771-9107.

  • Second Family Care Team – Maxine Lapin, (713) 888-0098; Rochelle Oster, (713) 952-9665.
  • The Gathering Place – (for seniors living with Alzheimer’s) Rabbi Adrienne Scott, (713) 771-6221 x329..
  • Hospital Visitation Committee – Rabbi Adrienne Scott, (713) 771-6221 x329.
  • CanCare Support for Cancer Survivors –  Rabbi Adrienne Scott, (713) 771-6221 x329.
  • Men’s Night Out
  • Bereavement Support Group
  • Cancer Support Group – for those who are survivors, who have recently been diagnosed or are living with the day to day challenges of this disease. For information, please contact Rabbi Adrienne Scott, (713) 771-6221 x329..