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Open to 8th-12th graders, our Madrichim program is our teen leadership program. Madrich translates as “guide,” and we encourage the teens who serve as Madrichim (the plural of Madrich) to view themselves as guiding our students on their Jewish journeys. Being a part of #TeamMadrichim enables our teens to learn and grow as they nurture the next generations of MBJLC students. Because of the effort and care of our Madrichim, MBJLC students become curious about their faith and find a place where they feel comfortable being Jewish.

Our Madrichim learn how to build relationships, to care for students in need, to teach, and more. Depending on the class and teacher, they assist with assignments, teach classroom lessons, lead activities, read stories, engage students who need help, and whatever else the teacher may need. The Madrich or Madrichah is compensated with either an hourly wage or community service hours.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Eleanor Steinman or Jennifer Quick.

For information on other youth programs, including BIFTY, visit our Youth Programming page here!

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Apply to join #TeamMadrichim by filling out the form below:

2019 Madrichim Registration Form

  • When I register:

    • I agree to be present at my scheduled responsibilities.

    • I understand it is my obligation to contact Rabbi Steinman AND my teacher as early as possible if I am unable to attend a class.

    • I agree to try to be early to tvlBJLC so I can talk with my friends, eat breakfast, and sign in and take my nametag.

    • I will wear my nametag during the day and return it on my way out.

    • I will refrain from using my phone during the hours that I am working, nor is it okay for me to take pictures of students, nor will I post pictures of students on social media.

    • I understand that if I have a problem with my teacher, a student, or a parent, I will contact Rabbi Steinman or Samara Schwartz for a confidential meeting.

    • I understand that I must attend the Madrichim Orientation (timing TBD; assume in the morning).

    • I understand that I can choose community service hours or payment.

    • If I choose to be paid, I will be paid based on the following pay scale.

    Eighth grade > $4/hr

    Ninth grade > $5/hr

    Tenth grade > $6/hr

    Eleventh grade > $7/hr

    Twelfth grade > $8/hr

    • I understand that I will receive a $1/hour bonus if I do any of the following:

    -- Attend Greene Family Cap Summerpalooza (Madrichim Developement Track) August 31 through September 3. (This bonus will be for the entire year)

    -- Attend Kehillah High more than 50% of the time. (This bonus will be based on each KH trimester.)

    • I understand there will be five Madrichim Development sessions throughout the year. Attending these sessions will afford me one community service hour or one hour of pay.

    The signing of this brit (covenant) indicates that I have agreed to work as a Madrich(a) according to the conditions stated above.

  • I understand that as (a) parent(s) of a Madrich(a), I agree to help ensure that my child abides by the conditions stated above.