LGBT Jewish Community in Montrose

For those looking for a Montrose LGBT Jewish community that will nurture you in your faith and provide you with a lifetime of learning, Congregation Beth Israel invites you to explore how we can aid you in your quest for religious fulfillment.

The LGBT Jewish Community in Montrose 

Diversification: At Congregation Beth Israel, we strive to provide an inclusive environment for our members. The diversity of our members is one of the factors that make us valued in our work.

Accomidating: Congregation Beth Israel accommodates men and women from all walks of life. This includes both education for our youth, and other forms of Montrose LGBT Jewish involvement.

A Synagogue Rooted in a Lifetime of Learning 

From our LGBT Jewish involvement in Montrose, to the programs that cater to men and women that are looking to convert to the faith, Congregation Beth Israel honors one of the most sacred of tenets in Judaism, which highlights the importance of a lifetime of learning.

Growing complacent in your faith can be a pitfall that everyone is susceptible to. Our Montrose LGBT Jewish community provides an extensive range of educational programs and opportunities — both for members of the LGBT community and otherwise.

Welcoming all of the LGBT Jewish Community in Montrose 

Congregation Beth Israel welcomes members of the LGBT community and would like to invite you to explore our LGBT-focused curriculum.

We have a strong history and tradition in the Houston area, we want our members to view us as a trusted resource to nurture religious needs and further their pursuit to learn more. Experience our Montrose LGBT Jewish community by connecting with a member of our clergy.