Jewish Learning Center in Memorial Houston

Welcome to Congregation Beth Israel, a rich resource for men and women who are searching for a Memorial Jewish learning center.

Learning is at the center of the faith — men and women who practice Judaism are encouraged to embark on a lifetime of learning in order to constantly grow in that faith. At Congregation Beth Israel, we designed an extensive offering of education opportunity and proudly serve as the preeminent Jewish learning center in Memorial Houston.

About Our Learning Programs 

The following are a few descriptions of some of the many learning programs and opportunities we provide at Congregation Beth Israel:

The Schlenker School: Starting with the youngest demographic at our synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel is home to The Shlenker School, which is an accredited educational institution for children from Pre-K to fifth grade.

Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center: This religious school features programs and classes for students of all ages. Memorial Jewish high school education programs are made possible through our Kahillah High program, which welcomes students grades 9 through 12.

Adult education: As a trusted Memorial Jewish learning center, we know that learning does not stop when you’ve reached adulthood. That’s why Congregation Beth Israel provides a wide range of adult educational opportunities that are available to both members and non-members alike. These are taught by clergy at our Jewish learning center in Memorial Houston, in addition to outside experts. Topics range from the basics of Judaism to a history of the faith and anti-Semitism.

Whether you are on a quest to further understand your own religion and its tenets or are interested in Judaism and want to learn more, Congregation Beth Israel is more than willing to provide these experiences.

Learn More About Our Jewish High School Education Programs in Memorial Houston and Other Great Opportunities

Have any questions? Talk to the men and women of our Memorial Jewish learning center and find out more on how to participate in these special opportunities.