In every life there are challenges and obstacles. In every life there is a desire for greater comfort and peace. At Beth Israel, your personal happiness is our endeavor, too. Worship, study and participation are just the beginning of steps we can take together towards meaning in all the times of your life. When you require more, then it’s time to reach out and ask for time to visit privately and confidentially with your rabbis or cantor.

Each member of our clergy team cares deeply about your emotional and spiritual well-being. It often begins with honest conversation and ends with a renewed sense of personal strength and dignity. Today, there are many resources available to help you including therapists qualified in many disciplines. Please remember that your rabbis and cantor are qualified to take each concern and offer guidance from sound principles in Torah, the source of our enduring values.

When you’re ready to call, we’re ready to listen.

–  Main Temple Office Number: (713) 771-6221
– Rabbi David Lyon ext. 360
– Rabbi Adrienne Scott ext. 329