Caring Committee

The Caring Committee oversees all of the subcommittees dedicated to meeting the emotional and special needs of our congregants, especially in relation to illness, bereavement, personal relationships and major life changes. Check out each of these wonderful caring committees and see which one fits your needs or could benefit from your volunteer contributions.

For more information on any of the following committees or programs, contact Caring Committee Chairs:
Ferne Winograd (713) 723-1372 or Hope Lipnick (713) 771-9107


Second Family Care Team

The Gathering Place - (for seniors living with Alzheimer's)
Hospital Visitation Committee
CanCare Support for Cancer Survivors
W.A.Y.S. *— With All Your Soul to Heal, to Grow, to Live…
Men’s Night Out
Bereavement Support Group

Beth Israel's Second Family Care Team is preparing for a year of reaching out to congregants who are in need of some extra help or fellowship. If you or a loved one or friend is in need of some assistance following a hospital stay, a surgery or just looking for an extra pair of hands to assist with errands, doctor's appointments, or transportation to the congregation for services or programs - Second Family Care Team is here to help you! Under the capable leadership of Rochelle Oster, this group is looking for both individuals who are in need of some assistance as well as those who are able to offer their services. We need you help in locating both individuals and families who would benefit from this service. Our faith implores us to mend all of the imperfections in the world through actions of Tikkun Olam or repairing the world. Please let us help you make this new year an easier and more fulfulling one! For more information about the group and its activities, please contact Rochelle Oster at   713-952-9665 or Maxine Lapin at   713-882-4638 .


The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is a setting for congregational volunteers to provide a loving, safe and fun environment for "Care Partners” who are living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, or other form of dementia. This once-a-month free program provides creative and stimulating activities in a safe and caring environment, and allows caregivers a few hours of respite from the challenges of day-to-day care to take care of their own needs. A Care Team member is assigned to every care partner and is trained and supported by the Interfaith Care Partners eldercare professionals, and Gathering Place professionals. Lunch is provided by the Sisterhood. The Gathering Place meets the first Tuesday of every month.

For more information, please contact:
Rabbi Adrienne Scott, 713-771-6221 x329

Hospital Visitation Committee

This committee performs the mitzvot of visiting hospitalized members. A true Mitzvah, it takes only a few hours once a month, Monday, Friday or on weekends. The time and day are up to you. The Reward? Priceless - for the patients you visit and for you! Please let us know if you have a loved one or know of another congregant in the hospital. To notify the committee or to volunteer, contact Karen Abramson’s at 713 923 0834.

For more information: Clergy Support

HOSPITAL VISITORS NEEDED: It only takes a few hours on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, once a month (you pick the day and the time) to perform this mitzvah. Additional Friday volunteers are especially needed to help insure that Beth Israel patients receive Shabbat bags and visitors from their congregation every Friday before Shabbat. The rewards will be priceless for you, as well as the patients you visit! For more details about this interesting and rewarding volunteer experience, contact Hospital Visitation Committee Co-Chairs above.

CanCare Support for Cancer Survivors
Beth Israel members who are cancer survivors provide one-on-one long-term emotional support for other congregants struggling with cancer, as well as their family members. They are matched with individuals according to the type of cancer, treatment, age, gender and family situation. If you or a loved one would like support or are a cancer survivor who would like to share your time and experience, please call Committee Chair Rachel Birney or the Temple office   (713)771-6221 . Beth Israel is a proud member of CanCare Houston, Inc., an interfaith cancer support network.

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