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We miss them when they go off to college, but Beth Israel works hard to find ways to stay connected with all of our college students. Every August, we compile a list of both college and graduate students, their schools and contact information, so we can keep in touch. Every student gets a weekly email from Associate Rabbi Adrienne Scott that includes a short Torah portion and all the latest happenings at Beth Israel. Our College Committee sends special care packages at appropriate times during the year. From time to time, when our students are home, the committee also presents special speakers with added time for students to socialize and reconnect with friends. Got a college student and are interested in volunteering? The College Committee could use your help! For more information or to volunteer, contact:

Committee Chairperson:

Leah Gross

Calling all Military/College students!

Members 25 years and younger download this form to receive packages at holidays and other special times of the year. To complete the online form version, Click Here.
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