Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer Now!

There is so much to do at Beth Israel that we are confident you will discover a group or activity in which you will find friends, fulfillment and a sense of extended family. It is worth your time, and the rewards in return will enrich your life in ways never anticipated. With such a large congregational family, there may be no greater gift than volunteering your time or talent. Check our website for the latest Beth Israel activities, and look over our long lists of committees. There are always new volunteer opportunities for every age and interest.

"From strength to strength” — As our tradition teaches, we must build upon our strengths, making us stronger as individuals and as a community. Beth Israel is a place worth your time and commitment. It’s our collective responsibility and legacy to ensure a vibrant and active Jewish Community. What better way than to volunteer, share your ideas, time and strengths.Get involved and volunteer today!

For more information on volunteer opportunities:
Click on Committees
Call Carol Danek (713) 771-6221 or
Email us at: info@beth-israel.org.

Share a Gift of Expertise or Talent

Congregation Beth Israel is fortunate to have members with myriad experiences and expertise. While some of us may not be able to give the monetary gifts we would like to give, we may have just the right area of skill sets or knowledge that Beth Israel needs. Your willingness to offer your capabilities and resources for certain congregational needs will help Beth Israel immeasurably. Please make Executive Director of Engagement and Lifelong Learning David Scott aware of your eagerness to help Beth Israel in this important manner.

Call or email Executive Director and Director of Lifelong Learning David Scott at (713) 771-6221 x605.

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