Planned Giving FAQ

Why does Congregation Beth Israel need an Endowment Fund?


More than 30 years ago, several of Congregation Beth Israel’s most visionary families recognized that, in order for the Temple to maintain its presence in the lives of its congregants, an endowment fund needed to be established. The purpose of this permanent fund is to provide the necessary income to help subsidize the Congregation’s needs well into the future. Over the years, the earnings of the Endowment Fund have been used to enrich the Congregation by funding key programs, while the principal of over $1 million remains untouched.

Due to a fairly recent generous gift of $1.5 million, the Fund now has a principal balance of $2.5 million. This amount is insufficient for a congregation of our size to provide for the maintenance, growth, and expansion of Congregation Beth Israel and the incredible variety of programs it offers.

We must increase the size of Beth Israel’s Endowment Fund in order to secure the future of Congregation Beth Israel.

We must be able to provide for the education of our children; provide continued programming for our adults; provide for an outstanding clergy team; and provide for the maintenance of our facilities and our cemeteries. It is for this reason that we are embarking on a new endowment effort, the Ner Tamid Society, Ensuring Congregation Beth Israel for Future Generations.

The goal of the Ner Tamid Society is simple, but profound: plan for the future of Congregation Beth Israel by ensuring that the necessary funds are available in order for the Temple to remain a vital force in the lives of its congregants today and for the generations to come.


How can my family leave a gift to Congregation Beth Israel?


There are many ways to leave a legacy gift to Congregation Beth Israel: some of which may include leaving the Endowment Fund a bequest in your will; naming the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy; and establishing a charitable trust or annuity. By providing for Beth Israel in your estate plans, you will join other generous members of the Congregation as a member of the Ner Tamid Society.

Anyone who leaves a minimum bequest to Beth Israel’s Endowment Fund will be invited to become a "signer” of Congregation Beth Israel’s Endowment Book of life. There will be a yearly signing ceremony and dinner as the Congregation acknowledges all of that year’s signers who will be recognized in front of their peers, friends, and family.

All major donors to the Ner Tamid Society will not only be a part of the yearly signing ceremony and dinner, but the intention is that their names and stories will also be permanently incorporated into an interactive display panel and Ner Tamid Society Donor wall currently under development.

By planning a gift today to Congregation Beth Israel, you will ensure a vibrant, dedicated, and committed tomorrow for Houston’s reform Jewish community!


For more information, please contact:


David Scott, Executive Director and Director of Lifelong Learning
Congregation Beth Israel
5600 N Braeswood Blvd
Houston TX 77096
(713) 771-6221 x612 (voice)
(713) 771-5705 (fax)

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