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Generations is a publication of the Ner Tamid Society.

Generations Volume 1     Number 1     Number 2     Number 3

Generations Volume 2     Number 1     Number 2

Generations Volume 3     Number 1

Generations Volume 4     Number 1


Congregation Beth Israel has been an integral part of the lives of its congregants for over 150 years. Just as the eternal light, the Ner Tamid, is a sign of God’s eternal presence in our lives, so Congregation Beth Israel is a symbol of a community of spirit, a community of caring, and a community of belonging for the entire Houston Jewish community.

Congregation Beth Israel’s legacy to our community is to perpetuate Jewish identity for the generations to come. Education, programming, life cycle events, maintaining our beautiful facilities, upkeep of our cemeteries, and employing outstanding clergy are all essential to this continued legacy.

But, how can we continue to accomplish all of this? The Congregation cannot thrive on dues alone. We must have a source of income beyond "fair share dues”.

Congregation Beth Israel has established the Ner Tamid Society which is a group of dedicated Beth Israelites who make legacy gifts to ensure the future of the Temple. Just as the Ner Tamid is eternal, gifts to the Ner Tamid Society will be placed in the Beth Israel Endowment Fund for perpetuity, thus ensuring that Congregation Beth Israel will endure for many generations. By planning a gift today to Congregation Beth Isreal, you will ensure a vibrant, dedicated and committed tomorrow for Houston's reform Jewish community!

David Scott, Executive Director & Director of Lifelong Learning
Congregation Beth Israel
5600 N Braeswood Blvd
Houston TX 77096
(713) 771-6221 x612 (voice)
(713) 771-5705 (fax)

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